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We help prepare your company for funding. We work with small business owners to position their company for achieving the maximum potential for closing from small loans to large financing.

We can add large business tradelines or smaller, whatever is required for your circumstance.

We help get all of the elements to undergo financial scrutiny whether that be private funding or institutional.


When we approach a project we are looking at it from an underwriter's perspective. We have a due diligence team that looks at it and gives you a lendability co-efficient. Our goal is to provide complete transparency when developing a concise plan of action for your business funding needs.


It is important to understand that lenders are looking for solid companies to lend money to. They are always looking for businesses that have focused on building their core business and building their business credit at the same time. Business Tradelines are the cornerstone of being lendable.

The Process to Success

Trying to navigate the world of business credit can be a real challenge. We have created a program that makes it straightforward for entrepreneurs to build their businesses using time-tested approaches to acquiring funding.


We will first analyze your business credit to understand precisely where you are right now. We will then lay out a strategy in a step-by-step process for you to follow as we develop the elements needed two withstand underwriting scrutiny by private or institutional lenders.


Too often, large institutions (banks), underwriting criteria are cryptic and confusing to small business owners. At Business-Tradelines, we believe that the better business owners understand the lending process, the more approvals we will get them qualified for funding. This process is a team effort! This process is not for spectators!


The philosophy of educating the entrepreneurs we work with provides a much greater positive outcome when using our platform. Our customers can help themselves better qualify for funding (on an ongoing basis) as they deploy the capital and scale the business.

At Business-Tradelines does not require income verification, asset verification, or employment verification in most cases. As a result, we need a strong credit profile to establish a client’s ability to pay. The strong credit enables us to provide funding without the lengthy paperwork process required by traditional lenders.


Here is the ideal client:

1) Credit Score – Minimum of 680 scores is a requirement across all bureaus used for qualification. The credit score gives Business-Tradelines an overview of the credit a client has along with your ability to manage that credit wisely. The overall score is calculated by a number of factors which include primarily:

A. On-time payments.

B. Credit Utilization ratio

C. Number of inquiries

D. Length that the credit file has been established

E. Number of active trade lines, both fixed and revolving


2) Credit Utilization rate needs to be under 40%. Credit utilization is the percentage comparing the available line limit to the actual balance on the account. In our pre-underwriting audit, we look at each account's performance. The calculation is easy. Divide the available credit by the balance, and you will receive the utilization ratio for that particular account. If you have a credit limit of $10,000 and a balance of $1000, you have a utilization ratio of 10%. This ratio is factored in for all revolving lines of credit. This will include credit cards, equity lines of credit, and any other account where you can use the line, pay it back, and re-use the line without requalifying. To meet this qualification, each account must independently satisfy the 40% threshold.


3) Have no more than 4 inquiries per credit bureau in the last 90 days. Credit inquiries occur for two different reasons. The first is a soft pull which does not affect your score.  Companies looking to issue you additional credit, insurance, or even employment can create a soft pull. A hard pull occurs when you apply for credit or when you sign a form authorizing a company to pull your credit file. The 4 inquires include hard credit pulls only.


4) Have a minimum of 4 open and active primary trade lines. – Only open accounts are considered on your credit report.


5) Prior bankruptcy, judgments, repossession, foreclosures, or collections will require a manual review to be considered for approval. Accounts that contain any of these items may also require documentation, as the underwriter deems necessary.


6) Late payments will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on how far out the late payments were and how often they occurred. Late payments will limit the loan amount that can be approved and may require additional documentation before approval can be granted.


7) The current address of the borrower must match the address on the credit report. This is an essential factor for security reasons. A difference in the address could create a requirement of full documentation.

8) Full personal verification is required for all applications. This also means all fraud and security alerts on your credit files must be removed to process the application.



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